Our Team

The Expert Collective team fills all 3 corners of the product triangle.

Growing a successful business means creating an optimal solution built by the right team with the best resources.

Our Expertise

Business Development

Product Thinking

Market & User Research

Technologies & Process

Our Experience

An expert who can leverage cutting-edge technology to create dynamic and scalable web applications, Abraham French has built viable solutions that solve real world problems. He has navigated various levels of complexity along side multiple technologies, leading teams through all phases of development, from product concept to architecture build-out to feature implementation. Abraham approaches each problem with a focus on helping technical people understand what the business needs in that moment.

An expert in all aspects of venture creation, Enrique Shadah has founded and led startups, advised sellers and buyers in M&A transactions, as well as spearheaded industrial collaborations and spin-offs in academia. At MIT, he was the conceptual creator of the MIT Startup Exchange and led a community of academics, practitioners, and professionals to create win-win collaborations. Enrique continues to focus on advising business and technology leaders, helping them translate their knowledge into digital and physical products that provide positive socioeconomic and environmental impacts.

With a strategic perspective and a customer-focused drive, Marlowe Wakeman has created and orchestrated systems throughout their career. They began their journey in user experience while helping a software startup build out a product portfolio. They have headed up design and user research, cultivated an organizational transition to a customer-centered culture, and established an award-winning content team. This journey has included working with global Fortune 500 companies, e-commerce ventures, and technology startups across sectors.